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Mareka Naito

Junji Shirota


fiddle, guitar, banjo, harp, concertina, mandolin...

Mareka Naito&Junji Shirota   Irish, Old time, Japanese music.... 

Junji Shirota has been performing professionally since 1973 having first specialized in Bluegrass music in Japan, fusing elements of Japanese & Bluegrass music along the way. His group released over 35 albums on the Toshiba EMI label. He moved to the United States in 1986 and discovered Irish traditional music there. He became a key member of the Irish music scene in San Francisco. He has been touring and recording with a host of international Irish traditional musicians up to this day. 

Mareka Naito started playing the classical violin at the age of 3. She won numerous competitions in junior school such as the Japan Classical Music Competition & Velsus International Junior Violin Competition (Italy). She first discovered Irish traditional music in 2007 and began her journey of learning to play the Irish fiddle. In the middle of this journey she also found the time to attend university to study medicine in Yokohama & graduated with a doctors license in 2014. Mareka is also proficient in the harp and concertina.

Mareka&Junji are playing music in Ireland & Japan, bringing many musicians to Japan and doing tour with them.

1998 Andrew MacNamara  1999 Breda Smyth  2000 Gerry O'Conner  2013,2014 Cormac Begley, Edel Fox
2015 Paddy Keenan, Frankie Gavin   
2016 Noel Hill, Ciaran Somers   2017 Brendan Begley  .....



'Listening to the Outside World'

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Mareka Naito: Fiddle, Harp, Concertina, Viola, Mandolin

Junji Shirota: Guitars, Banjo, Mandolin, Octave Mandolin

(P)2019 10strings records/MNJS-0006/STEREO

'Just a Hunch'

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Mareka Naito: Fiddle, Concertina, Harp,

Junji Shirota: Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Octave Mandolin

Alec Brown: Cello

(P)2019 10strings records/MNJS-0007/STEREO

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