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Noel Hill

Japan Tour 2018

Noel Hill Japan tour 2018 schedule 

2018.4.6 (Fri.) Tokyo Workshop


Venue:STUDIO 1619 (1-27-1 Sakura-dai Nerima-ku Tokyo)

Charge:students attending any one of concerts 3,500yen/ students only workshop 4,000yen 

2018.4.7 (Sat.) Osaka


Venue:5th street (1-1-12 Minami-horie Nishi-ku Osaka-shi) TEL 06(6538)1533

Charge:advance 3,500yen/door 4,000yen (+1drink)

​Reservation:5th street  TEL 06(6538)1533

2018.4.8 (Sun.) Kyoto Workshop


Venue:Irish Pub field  (683 Motohonenji-cho Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi)

Charge:students attending any one of concerts 3,500yen/ students only workshop 4,000yen 

2018.4.8 (Sun.) Kyoto

18:30open / 19:00start

Venue:Eiunin (33 Kurotani-cho Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi)

Charge:advance 3,500yen/door 4,000yen


2018.4.13 (Fri.) Aichi


Venue:MJ Hall (1-36-3 Midori-cho Nishio-shi Aichi) 
Charge:advance 3,000yen/door3,500yen


0563-57-4621(Hayashi)or 090-8671-9835(Teshima) (for English)

2018.4.14 (Sat.) Hiratsuka


Venus:Hachimanyama no Yokan  1-1 Asama-cho Hiratsuka-shi Kanagawa

Charge:advance 3,500yen/door 4,000yen


090-5781-5819 (Hayano) or 090-4419-1686 (Furuya) 

2018.4.15 (Sun.) Kawasaki


Venue:Muza kawasaki symphony hall
(1310 Omiyacho, Saiwai Ward, Kawasaki, Kanagawa)
Charge:advance 3,500yen/door 4,000yen


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Junji Shirota guitar

Junji Shirota started playing Piano when he was 4 years old, Guitar and 5 strings Banjo at 15 years old.

 70th and 80th mostly he played American folk music and Bluegrass as a member of major group in Japan and released over 35 albums from Toshiba EMI.

After that he moved to San Francisco and started the career as guitarist for Irish music.

He did accompaniment to many Irish musicians like Tony MacMahon, Noel Hill, Andrew MacNamara, Tommy peoples, Paddy Keenan, Martin Hayes, Frankie Gavin, etc.



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